Who We Are

You might have visited this page expecting to see a collage of testimonials gushing over how great of a business we are, or some sappy long-winded story about how we seeking to disrupt an industry. Perhaps you were even sure you would see those pictures of us staring out into space as if we’re being insightful or into deep philosophy.

If all of this is true, then we’re terribly sorry to disappoint you. Frankly, we ain’t got time for that. This is a meat & potatoes kind of store, where we cut through all the other BS you find at other stores.

Instead, TX Nation is using its time to ensure we offer you the everyday household products at excellent prices. We have an extensive and ever growng catalog in a variety of categories that are shipped at no extra cost to you. All our products are shipped from the US, as we do not believe in having our customers wait weeks or even months for their items to arrive from outside of America.

We also have a TX born and bred customer support team, where not only is fulfilling your orders in a fast and efficient matter our top priority, but also providing our customers with friendliness that is the TX way.

The saying goes “Everything in bigger in Texas,” and we’re here to show you that even the deals are bigger in TX when shopping at TX Nation.

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